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Puppy Love Calendar (and its most (in)famous picture) went global.

it has already been mentioned in most major Irish, Polish and international media. we didn't expect it to cause such confusion and we were thrilled and surprised by the reach that have been covered by us - both geographically and by the dialogue it has arisen.

puppy love calendar covered by international press
some felt heavilly offended by its content, while others were delighted with the idea. the positions were divided and rather feuded - artistic expression could be seen and appreciated by many, but some decided only to see the superficial literality of an image.

"i think the picture is unfairly taken as obviousness, as a recorded act - or even as a footage, which is wrong and just unfair. it does not record anything, it simply creates a scene (in order) to shape a metaphore and symbolism. it plays with our perception, but it's absolutely harmless..." we have explained to a TV journalist when asked to take our position.

one is evident - it caused an international discussion, made people think and talk about art and its boundaries, but also pointed out a very sensitive cause - the situation of animals in Irish shelters.

with all respect to everyone involved in production and ther efforts to create a beautiful, unique and exeptional product the fisrt, one and ONLY purpose of Puppy Love Calendar was to raise an awareness and help animals! and this was achieved..  we are proud of  us all!

for those who needs some external links to be provided here's a list of sites and newspapers the info was covered by so far:

press / media coverage:

Ireland: The Sun, The Mirror, The Star, The Independent, The Daily Mail, Phantom FM RadioWicklow News (2), The Sunday Tribune (Ireland), Irish News of the World,, Italk Radio Show,

India: The Indian Mirrror, Daily India, Andhra News, One India (India),

International & other: Florida Today (USA), The Belfast Telegraph (N.Ireland), Blesk, Blesk2 (Czech Republic), WhatsonXiamen,

Poland: Swiat Obrazu, Fakt,, Angora, Wiadomosci24, Plotek (2) (3), (zdjęcie dnia), serwis, serwis,

and many more local and international press...

 wiadomosci24 (as of 09.01.11)
we have also been contacted by few major polish TV stations, journals and newspapers that we are now busy answering to, Warsaw Underground TV has covered the story for one day, UK Bizzare magazine has just contacted us and made a promising offer.. this list is probably to get updated on regular basis.

all profit goes straight to Ash Animal Rescue - please check out their site and support them!

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