zest riddle @ TEDx Wroclaw

It's finally there, the TEDx Wroclaw speech about zest riddle I gave in March 2013 is finally up and available online for all to view. Yes, it was quite a challenge to open the whole conference with my speech (well, the proper title for this talk should go something like this: Karol Liver on how to develop Darth Vader voice to survive a TEDx talk at 8am after 3 hours of sleep), but also an extremely rewarding experience for at least few great reasons: to confront yourself with a stage fright and talk in front of enormous audience of 300 in a large cinema room with a gigantic cinema screen to project your little slides on, to stay cool being blissfully aware of the whole thing being recorded and live-streamed and finally, to attract people to my experience of designing and maintaining zest through all those years. But the challenge was accepted!

For all those who liked it and who would like to give the hardest candy on the Internet a try, an online adventure composed of one hundred and one psychedelic riddles is still out there, reject only your ignorance and you may survive... 

delta frequency

delta frequency (2013)

a delta wave is a high amplitude brain wave with a frequency of oscillation between 0–4 hertz. delta waves, like other brain waves, are recorded with an electroencephalogram and are usually associated with the deepest stages of sleep (3 NREM), also known as slow-wave sleep (SWS), and aid in characterizing the depth of sleep.

Delta waves, an EEG (electroencephalograph) one second sample

all images from this short series are digital shots taken in the pitch-darkness, no set-up light source whatsoever. the person was not seen and i was seen by the person while trying to extract those frames from the surrounding Cimmerian-darkness void. the images could obviously not been staged.

extraction #01

few seconds of exposure time was set with high iso applied which resulted in black, empty looking frames. each final image has been revealed by pushing the exposure time further in the editing software and adjusting tones and contrast to digital limits.

the process was applied months after those images were shot, so all corresponding feelings are forgotten.

the moment of having them brought back was extraordinary. it felt like seeing apparitions emerging from a long time forgotten dream.

extraction #02

delta frequency / teaser

extraction #03
extraction #01
me: i put myself in a dark room with a person. i can't see her

her: °_°

and she can't see me
i only know that my camera is set up to take images in this dim environment
and that all results in having black images captured
i cant see a thing on my camera after

ah, looks so strange...

yeah, i can't see what person did, what happened
i shoot void
a person undresses but can't see her
the only interaction between us is our voice
i take those black images home and in the software i reveal the images
most of them are totally destroyed
but few are good enough to have some shape seen..
you can reveal more by adjusting contrast and brightness

as a result you get this surreal images taken out of pure darkness

isn't this a bit scary?

why? i find it exciting

it also is

like extracting images from a dream
something never seen by my eyes, yet it's there, happened in front of me...

yes, this is definitely strange and amazing
the images look like processed by a machine
blows my mind

prism #11

We are excited to present yet another episode of prism, featuring 20 carefully selected profiles of both established and emerging talents, among which the eight finalists of this year's edition of Grand Prix Fotofestiwal Lodz:

Carrie Will, Michel Le Belhomme, Sasha Tamarin, Karolina Jonderko, Yann Datessen, Mariya Ustymenko, Emma Haugh, Dara Scully, Andres Gonzalez, Tara Sellios, Jacek Fota, Shane Lynam + Grand Prix Fotofestiwal 2013: Anja Bohnhof, Emilio Pemjean, Frank Herfort, Ilona Szwarc, Jan Brykczynski, Karl Burke, Lucia Herrero, Nadav Kander.

let the light in...

karol & zest riddle @ TEDx Wroclaw

i recently have a great opportunity to take part in the 2nd edition of TEDx Wroclaw and absolutely adored it. great folks, great fun, amazing experience and networking. the best 3 days long trip i have ever had in my life! period.

big thanks and sincere congrats to the whole team behind TEDx Wroclaw for being amazing hosts and the nicest people that currently occupy Wroclaw!

thank you Michał Kasprzyk for your professional bias and smooth coordination and Neil Bennion for you smile and positive attitude. keep rockin' good lads and anything needed anytime let me know. also big thanks to all speakers and organizers and amazing young band Garbanotas Bosistas for great after party!

a whale-(swimming in a sea of pear vodka)-size of fun was had by all!

having 9 hours of sleep in the past 3 days, still feels like waking up from a dream :)
go give them all plenty of likes. well deserved:

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