official statement...

... regarding puppy love calendar ]

What made you want to take part in the calendar?
I was invited to take a part in the project by a friend of mine, Irish model and businesswoman Melissa Hayward, with whom I have collaborated many times before. It was such a noble cause I didn't hesitate a second when I was asked to participate and organise a photoshoot especially for this occasion.

What do you think of the controversy that has emerged over the recent photos - in specific the 'breastfeeding' picture?
The "controversy" is a word - it is usually used to describe a certain attitude in relation to an issue or subject being exposed to a public view and everybody has an attitude of her/his own. It is also a matter of feelings and perception. It is totally up to an audience and their feelings to see either the artistic or controversial side of an image. It simply gives the spectator a chance to decide which way to follow using perception. I myself absolutely see no signs of "controversy" being "engraved" onto the surface of picture, from my point of view it is a pure artistic expression, a form to underline, in easiest words, that animals should be treated equal to people, should be taken care of if needed and their right as a living-beings should always be respected.

madness is in the air...

madness is in the air! our 2011 puppy love final page is now revealed in its all glory.. the calendar, featuring 12 beautiful models photographed by 12 brilliant photographers, is now available online from puppy love official page and in selected venues around dublin...

calendars are limited edition so don't delay, have your one(s) ordered today! a whole year of pretty ladies for a tenner -> now that is what we call a real deal! :)

model: agata dembiecka
make-up/hair/styled: jane akkerman
photography/concept: karol liver
assisted by: ania karwowska
venue: d-light studios dublin

tattoo revolution magazine

cool news.. we have cover! a tattoo revolution magazine from UK used our beautiful image for their first issue's cover - go and check'em out. both printed and digital version available now at:

hunting cockroaches exhibition - 22/23-10-10

a panel of my photographs is currently being exhibited at d-light studios, dublin as a part of a theatre play by marino moon theatre company - hunting cockroaches by j.glowacki, directed by young, talented director ignacy rybarczyk. the panel consist of 12 images and portraits two main characters from an insect's pov.

"hunting cockroaches" by janusz glowacki
22-23/10/2010, open 7:30pm-10pm (the play starts 8pm)
dirtected by ignacy rybarczyk
performed by marino moon theatre complany
location: d-light studios, dublin
photography panel by karol liver

the moth

a lost moth flew into my room..
prance shadow echoes her arrival, her fragile wings flutter.
i put the surface of my hand out to her...
have a rest...
little envoy of the dark gently lands on it right away. not hurt me.
night butterflies are always the ones to deliver the message...

my dear friend.. your grin is my comfort

oh.. dear.. for all of those who just wanted to know what is that little fading shape on the picture on the wall behind Matilda from The Black Tea scene, here's one or two words of explanation...
as simple as it is - a cat! now that's a big surprise, isn't it?.. to put things in even easier manner - it's a cat's grin.. too easy now. let's make things bit confusing and deliberately leave all the fortcoming paths of interpretation of a scene in which our beautifully frozen in her dismay Matilda is trying to enjoy her black tea, to viewer's imagination. as one might say ...

reject only your ignorance and you may survive...

AGFA Geavert Throphy

it was a cool night yesterday during the DCC's annual exhibition. i am happy to announce that last i was awarded AGFA Geavert Throphy for the Best Monochrome Portrait / Figure Studies. the gallery stays open untill 29th July, so drop in if you're in near.

homeless gallery | dublin poster

here we go! final version of dublin's edition of homeless gallery. ready to be printed. a week to go!
find more info about the event and download the registration form here: HOMELESS GALLERY

HOMELESS GALLERY | DUBLIN is still recruiting!

Comrades-in-arms! Fellow Photographers!  
HOMELESS GALLERY is still recruiting!
We need YOU!

The rules are simple. Are you a photographer or photography-related artist that wants to exhibit his/her works without drying the pocket out? Then come to D-Light Studios and be a part of Homeless Gallery.

  • anybody can exhibit their works
  • no restriction as of what kind of works to exhibit
  • no censorship, no guardianship, no selection, nothing, nada, zero!
  • you decide what you want to put on walls
  • no restriction as of how many pieces can one exhibit
  • the only restriction is an artspace and artists' imagination. surprise us!
  • artists are the ones responsible for hanging the works on walls and ceilings and stairs and .. wherever they want to place it!
  • it's all about photography, integration and fun!

see you there! if you're interested in taking part in HG please let me know via mail at: .


thank you Jane and Matylda for a wondeful photo shoot performed last evening.. we'va all done absolutely great and the images look absolutely breath-taking. big "thank you" to Aisling Teevan for letting us use her wonderful location set! so happy :)

homeless gallery @ d-light studios

The first PhotoIreland Festival will take place this July and to celebrate, D-light Studios will be hosting the Homeless Gallery.

The HOMELESS GALLERY is an un-curated exhibition and is open to all photographers who wish to exhibit their work.

The whole idea of the HOMELESS GALLERY is that there are no entry criteria. It is open to all artists. What is eventually shown during an exhibition depends solely on the participants own self-censorship. We do not pick the participants everybody can show their work: star photographers, professionals, those just starting in photography, students and amateurs. We do not select their work either – we have no demands as to subject, technique, format or number of photographs shown. The photographs themselves can be shown in gilt frames, or just prints stuck on the wall.

The opening of the HOMELESS GALLERY will be on the 4th of July at 11.00am. A day before on 3rd of July all the participants arrive with their photographs and an assortment of equipment needed to hang them. Everybody then finds a piece of wall for themselves (or ceiling, or floor), and hangs their work. All sorts of unconventional forms of display are welcome. The gallery will stay open till Wednesday 7th of July.

The HOMELESS GALLERY exists to enable everybody to show their work publicly, those who for various reasons would have no chance to show their work to the world. It is for those who cannot afford a prestigious gallery, and for those who would never even think of doing so. It is a chance to be noticed for photography students, and those just entering photography. For professionals it is a chance of showing some of their more personal work that never finds its way into their commercial portfolios. For amateurs it is a chance of showing their work to people other than their nearest family and friends. For those who are shy, it is a chance to pull out those photographs hidden away in drawers.

This exhibition is a fantastic opportunity for professionals, amateurs, students and enthusiasts to congregate and collectively showcase their work without censorship.

Registration form, terms and details of submissions will soon be released. Stay tuned!

All those interested in taking part in the Homeless Gallery should contact me via e-mail at

Please make sure to put "HOMELESS GALLERY" in e-mail title!

karol liver | theatre photography

'karol liver theatre photography' book is dedicated to theatre spectacles i've had a pleasure to cover while working as a theatre photographer accredited by 'the grotowski institute' during some of the most important theatre festivals held in poland last year (including XIII european theatre prize and 'world as a place of truth international theatre festival).

here you can download the pdf file: [ karol liver | theatre photography ]

little boy on a bicycle

this time something different..  while recently being back home i have found a secret stash filled with some absolutely amazing old film prints! some of them are dated back to 30s/40s and are of my grandparent's childhood times. some of them are in a really pitiful conditions, all b&w or sephia toned marked with flow of time upon their surface. they're touching! so i just decided to give them a little re-touch in return.. scanned dozens of them, now working on them, even painting them a little bit if possible..

dancing pina bausc

Few of my photographies have just been published in New York based journal 'The Drama Review' in a complex article by Daniel Larlham - "Dancing Pina Bausch".. since i just can't wait to get my hand on the printed version - here's some little preview from editorial templates.

TDR focuses on performances in their social, economic, and political contexts. With an emphasis on experimental, avant-garde, intercultural, and interdisciplinary performance, TDR covers dance, theatre, performance art, visual art, popular entertainment, media, sports, rituals, and performance in politics and everyday life. Long known as the basic resource for keeping up with performance studies in all aspects, TDR continues to be a lively forum of debate on important performances in every medium, setting, and culture.

MIT Press Journals / TDR webpage: [ HERE ]

few other images featured:

zest riddle trailer 2010 [english]

zest riddle trailer made by agnieszka rogolska (nefertina)
english subtitles' pages by karol liver
here you can [ DOWNLOAD ] the wmv version

ze?t riddle : rejected pack

while cleaning and backuping my old hdd i've found lotta dusted small things related to zest riddle - packed files, concept riddles that were never used, graphic files from fans, very early graphical concepts and references, title screens, buttons etc.. so i decided to dig some of that interesting, nostalgic stuff through in order to select a bunch of files for fans to view and enjoy.. if somebody's into zest and know how the project has been developed thoughout those few last years will not be disappointed i believe.

here's detailed pack info: [README.txt]

you can download it: [HERE]

(please let me know if links are dead)

XIII ETP - persona tryptyk: marilyn

"persona tryptyk: marilyn" by krystian lupa
XIII premio europa per il teatro
XIII european theatre prize
wroclaw, poland

(c)09 karol liver for 'the grotowski institute'

XIII ETP - factory 2

'factory 2' by krystian lupa
XIII premio europa per il teatro
XIII european theatre prize
wroclaw, poland

(c)09 karol liver for 'the grotowski institute'

XIII ETP - scatter my ashes over mickey

scatter my ashes over mickey' by rodrigo garcia
XIII premio europa per il teatro
XIII european theatre prize
wroclaw, poland

(c)09 karol liver for 'the grotowski institute'

XIII ETP - the presidents

'the presidents' by krystian lupa
XIII premio europa per il teatro
XIII european theatre prize
wroclaw, poland

(c)09 karol liver for 'the grotowski institute'

XIII ETP - questo buio feroce

'questo buio feroce' by pippo delbono
XIII premio europa per il teatro
XIII european theatre prize
wroclaw, poland

(c)09 karol liver for "the grotowski institute"

ze?t riddle - do you like to riddle? has just published a short article about my ze?t riddle.

you can read it: [HERE] (only in polish, i'm afraid...)

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