playboy's fotoerotica'11

aaah.. a happy new year's news... our picture of beautiful Rachel ('the last word of Paper-girl' that have recently been exhibited at the "negative exposure" show) has been awarded a commendation in PLAYBOY's FOTOEROTICA'11 contest and will soon be published in Polish edition of the magazine.

official Instant Love poster

Instant Love is all around us!

here's the official poster for the upcoming (january 20212) international show of vintage polaroids to be held in MadArt Gallery, Dublin and to tandem with a very special Polaroid issue of prism magazine. we're so happy to have guys from The Impossible Project confirmed on board and a wide selection of amazing instant images from over twenty artists from all over the globe. an event not to be missed folks!

Stay tuned to prism's FB page for more info. Here's the official event site on FB too.

negative exposure show

Negative Exposure Show opens this Thursday (24/11/11) at The Back Loft Gallery, Dublin. Everybody is welcome.

Thanks to FIRE Printing Studio for providing me with beautiful lambda prints for the show.

prism photo magazine issue 02

[ prism @ facebook ][ ]

featured photographers:
  • Anna Beeke
  • Elliott Wilcox
  • Suzanne Opton
  • Wolfgang Tillmans
  • Thomas Hoepker (Interview)
  • Karol Kaczorowski
  • Garry Watts
  • Patryk Karbowski
  • Patrick Hogan (Interview)
  • Baker & Evans
  • Margo Ovcharenko
  • Piotr Rychlicki

prism #02 cover revealed

prism #02 cover © karol kaczorowski 
prism Photo Magazine issue 02 comes out  November the 1st, can be viewed at

interview in RevolutionART #32

RevolutionART online art & design magazine has just published a little interview with me along with a selection of my recent works. you can download (or view) the latest issue #32 from their site. enjoy.

instant love POLAROID show

Instant Love | POLAROID show + special issue of prism Photo Magazine - call for submission:

MadArt Gallery is proud to invite all POLAROID artists to participate in "Instant Love" - Polaroid Exhibition.

"Instant Love" is a collaborative effort of MadArt Gallery and Prism Photo Magazine in order to create an international photography show complemented by a special edition of prism magazine.

The show will last for two weeks in January 2012, all works approved for show will also be shown internationally in digital format via prism magazine.

We are only looking for instant film photographers.

To submit please send an email with a selection of your work to:

Please make sure that your mail:
* contains a short biographical note and description of your work
* contains a link your website (if available)

The images submitted have to be of max.1000px and no larger than 1MB.

All successful artists will be asked for larger scans (for prism magazine) at further stage.

There is no submission fee. A hanging fee of 30 euro will be collected from chosen artists.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask here or via email at

MadArt Gallery and Studiot:
prism Photo Magazine:

prism photo magazine issue 01

[ prism @ facebook ][ ]

featured photographers:
  • Richard Renaldi
  • Lea Golda Holterman
  • Phyllis Galembo
  • Tom Chambers
  • Aleksandra Pelc
  • Marcin Szpak
  • Diarmait Grogan
  • Robert Ellis
  • Joni Karanka
  • Miriam O'Connor
  • Artur Alan Willmann
  • Lauren Winsor 

four floors exhibition

"four floors" photography exhibition, a part of photoireland 2011 festival is on till 31st of july 2011. over 60 photographers from Ireland, UK, Germany, Japan and Korea on four floors of beautiful, old georgian building in Dublin's city core. a must for aevery photography lover out there!

MadArt Gallery & Studio
56 lwr Gardiner St
Dublin 1

sZAFa #39

some works of mine along with a photographer's profile have just been featured in quarterly art and literature magazine "sZAFa". can be viewed here or, if you're not into polish and wanna skip straight to images - here.

prism magazine | let the light in

We are proud to announce that prism Photography Magazine – newly born international magazine entirely dedicated to contemporary fine art photography – will hit the digital shelves on the 1st of July 2011 in tandem with PhotoIreland 2011 Festival.

The idea behind prism is to bring the true meaning of photographic medium back to its prestigious place and to create a platform where art can truly be seen, contemplated and discussed.

prism acts just like its optical prototype, letting all kinds of photographic genres to permeate its surface, get refracted, enter a new medium at a different angle and amuse the viewer with the palette of its constituent spectral colours.
cover image by l.gliszczynski

prism photography magazine

prism - Ireland's new digital magazine dedicated to contemporary and fine art photography has just announced its first issue to be launched july 2011.

prism will feature works from both established and emerging photographers, explore unique styles and target wide international audience of all photography devotees.

Submission call is soon to be announced.

let the light in...

prism website | prism on facebook

photo workshop #2 @ MadArt

complex workshops

two-days photography workshop @ MadArt with Karol Liver

the course is a fantastic opportunity for all students, both those who have just started their adventure with photography and those who already have had some experience in this field. participants will learn how to operate in studio space, how to approach a model in order to achieve the very unique portraiture experience. our workshops are not only limited to one genre of models and will give students a chance to work with variety of people who all have one thing in common – they work professionally in front of lens: fashion models, alternative models, theatre actors.

the main task is to give students a chance to explore practical, creative ways of using studio space and model's crucial attributes.

more info here and there! :)

four floors exhibition announced

Four Floors // Photography Exhibition @ MadArt Dublin
MadArt Gallery proudly invites you to a photographic event like never seen before as a part of PhotoIreland 2011.
Four Floors Photography Exhibition will be held by MadArt Gallery on four floors of beautiful, old georgian building converted into a massive artspace and located Dublin City Center. The show will be a fantastic opportunity for both photography professionals and enthusiasts to present their work to a wider audience.
The exhibition will be held from 19th of July to 31st of July. The opening night will be held on 21st of July at 6pm.

The idea of Four Floors is to provide artists with unique space and give the viewers an exceptional chance to experience variety of styles and individual approaches to photography medium.

The exhibition will be held on four floors and divided into four groups:

1st floor: Exposure v2.0 Photography Show
2nd floor: De Look - works by Artur Postrzech and Halinka Garycka
3rd floor: Digital Art show
4th floor: The Prism - surrealistic visions

The submission call is now due to be announced.
The event is curated and co-ordinated by photographer Karol Liver, Sofia Monika Swatek and Hubert Szyperski.

exposure photographic show

we are so happy to announce and invite everybody to a photo-creativity feast at MadArt Studio tomorrow (thu, 20 jan).

"consumer" by sarah lundy

"exposure" group photography show, which is curated by me and another professional photographer Tom Olejnik, will feature 17 international photographers (sarah lundy, gill prenderville, karl burke, aoife o'donnell, tommie lehane, zoe hamill, anita kulon, jason debose, elvira krol...) and expose their conceptual and artistic use of photographic medium.

the reception will be open at 6pm, thu, 20 jan.

more details @:
see you all there!

all the press madness

Puppy Love Calendar (and its most (in)famous picture) went global.

it has already been mentioned in most major Irish, Polish and international media. we didn't expect it to cause such confusion and we were thrilled and surprised by the reach that have been covered by us - both geographically and by the dialogue it has arisen.

puppy love calendar covered by international press
some felt heavilly offended by its content, while others were delighted with the idea. the positions were divided and rather feuded - artistic expression could be seen and appreciated by many, but some decided only to see the superficial literality of an image.

"i think the picture is unfairly taken as obviousness, as a recorded act - or even as a footage, which is wrong and just unfair. it does not record anything, it simply creates a scene (in order) to shape a metaphore and symbolism. it plays with our perception, but it's absolutely harmless..." we have explained to a TV journalist when asked to take our position.

one is evident - it caused an international discussion, made people think and talk about art and its boundaries, but also pointed out a very sensitive cause - the situation of animals in Irish shelters.

with all respect to everyone involved in production and ther efforts to create a beautiful, unique and exeptional product the fisrt, one and ONLY purpose of Puppy Love Calendar was to raise an awareness and help animals! and this was achieved..  we are proud of  us all!

for those who needs some external links to be provided here's a list of sites and newspapers the info was covered by so far:

press / media coverage:

Ireland: The Sun, The Mirror, The Star, The Independent, The Daily Mail, Phantom FM RadioWicklow News (2), The Sunday Tribune (Ireland), Irish News of the World,, Italk Radio Show,

India: The Indian Mirrror, Daily India, Andhra News, One India (India),

International & other: Florida Today (USA), The Belfast Telegraph (N.Ireland), Blesk, Blesk2 (Czech Republic), WhatsonXiamen,

Poland: Swiat Obrazu, Fakt,, Angora, Wiadomosci24, Plotek (2) (3), (zdjęcie dnia), serwis, serwis,

and many more local and international press...

 wiadomosci24 (as of 09.01.11)
we have also been contacted by few major polish TV stations, journals and newspapers that we are now busy answering to, Warsaw Underground TV has covered the story for one day, UK Bizzare magazine has just contacted us and made a promising offer.. this list is probably to get updated on regular basis.

all profit goes straight to Ash Animal Rescue - please check out their site and support them!

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