zest riddle ost [2007]

yup. the first and demanded ost for zest riddle is nearly finished and ready to be launched online.
it consist of 16 tracks that i believe are simply the best in the game and will easily be recognized by most of riddlers.
forgive the quality of few. it nothing but a simple midi to mp3 conversion rip with little additional remastering...
no.1_the riddle.
no.4_the mark of question.
no.5_minor mirror error.
no.7_the agony of a digital wasp.
no.8_mr tick and mr tack.
no.9_a part(apart) of back22.
no.10_six four five.
no.11_the dissection.
no.13_becOZ of me.
no.14_royal welcome.
no.16_green is really red [bonus]
thanks and enjoy :)
you can DOWNLOAD it here: HERE

nin live dublin 220807


01. pinion
02. wish
03. terrible lie
04. march of the pigs
05. piggy
06. closer
07. sin
08. survivalism
09. no, you don't
10. only
11. down in it (!!!)
12. the hand that feeds
13. starfuckers, inc.
14. head like a hole

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