delta frequency / teaser

extraction #03
extraction #01
me: i put myself in a dark room with a person. i can't see her

her: °_°

and she can't see me
i only know that my camera is set up to take images in this dim environment
and that all results in having black images captured
i cant see a thing on my camera after

ah, looks so strange...

yeah, i can't see what person did, what happened
i shoot void
a person undresses but can't see her
the only interaction between us is our voice
i take those black images home and in the software i reveal the images
most of them are totally destroyed
but few are good enough to have some shape seen..
you can reveal more by adjusting contrast and brightness

as a result you get this surreal images taken out of pure darkness

isn't this a bit scary?

why? i find it exciting

it also is

like extracting images from a dream
something never seen by my eyes, yet it's there, happened in front of me...

yes, this is definitely strange and amazing
the images look like processed by a machine
blows my mind

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