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“The line between man and product should never have been erased... 
Human bodies are vastly used nowadays as a marketing tool of creation in glamour and fashion business. We are brainwashed, fooled and steered by magazines, television and commercial media to believe that being beautiful, or to be more accurate, being perfect, is everything but being ourselves. I simply do not want to follow this trend. This work is my dedication to human beauty the way I see it, with a trinity of Emotion, Empathy and Entropy being engraved to the surface of every image.”

~Karol Liver, 2009

"Pure gibberish... Just ignore everything you've read above.."

~Karol Liver, 2015

Having worked as theatrical photographer for The Grotowski Institute, famous polish theatrical institute, he had an unique opportunity to be a part of numerous international festivals, including the acclaimed Premio Europa Per il Teatro, spectacles and grand premiers from World's top directors, such as Krystian Lupa, Rodrigo Garcia, Pippo Delbono and Pina Bausch.

Liver’s theatrical photographs have been widely published in various magazines and journals including the New York based “The Drama Review” and other theatre-themed journals in France, Italy, Poland and Slovakia.

Liver's relationship with Theatre Photography has influenced his studio vision and the way he perceives the correspondence between the person acting in front of the camera and the stage on which he has given them to preform.

Liver is a founder of prism magazine (www.PrismPhotoMagaizne.com) - an online editorial collective and a platform dedicated to contemporary photographic and visual arts.

He is represented by The Copper House Gallery Dublin alongside established names from Irish contemporary photographic scene.

His main field of interest is body language and how it is used as a tool of expression and emotional release.


Currently represented by The Copper House Gallery, Dublin

curatorial & editorial experience:
2011-15 Founder and Editor of prism Photography Magazine
2013/09 Le Mois de La Photo a Montreal 2013 - Portfolio Reviewer
2011-12 Tutor @ MadArt Studio Dublin / Studio Photography Workshops
2013/07 'Three Regards' by Marian Schmidt - Media Partnership
2012/07 f/22 International Show, PhotoIreland 2012
2012/07 Encounters by The Dice Project - Coordinator
2012/01 instant LOVE international POLAROID show, Dublin, Ireland - Coordinator, Curator
2011/07 four floors / photoireland 2011, Dublin, Ireland - Coordinator, Curator
2011/01 exposure photography exhibition, Dublin, Ireland - Curator
2010/07 homeless gallery photography exhibition, Dublin, Ireland - Art Director
2009 Photographer of The Grotowski Intitute during the XIII European Theatre Prize
2009 Photographer and Journalist of GPunkt cultural web magazine
2009/09 STARGAZE* art festival, Dublin, Ireland

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