ze?t riddle is.. 5 years old

ze?t online riddle (zest riddle) is an online project created and designed by karol liver (huh! that is me..), launched exactly five years ago on 21st of December 2004..

since then many followed the path of insanity and tried to cheat misterious OZ and its riddles.. zest, with over 1.5 millions unique hits and strong internet community involved (large international forum and groups on facebook, orkut, last.fm and more) is now considered to be one of the hardest (if not the hardest one) online puzzles available on the internet.. the task is simple by definition - your object is to advance to the next riddle by finding clues in the bizarre and abstract images and hints. sounds easy? give it a try!

ze?t riddle is themed to surrealist, gothic imagery, bizzare sound effects and many influances from pop-culture refrences,  such as 'alice in wonderland", "the wizard of Oz" and many more..

ze?t is a complete, finished project that took over three years of my life away...

it may be an oldie now, but it's still there, strong and ready to consume another victims of their curiosity...

play ze?t online riddle: [HERE}

dancing pina bausch - the drama review - preview

few pictures of mine will soon be published in a forthcoming issue of The Drama Review - a New York's based journal that focuses on performances in their social, economic, and political contexts. with an emphasis on experimental, avant-garde, intercultural, and interdisciplinary performance, TDR covers dance, theatre, performance art, visual art, popular entertainment, media, sports, rituals, and performance in politics and everyday life. long known as the basic resource for keeping up with performance studies in all aspects, TDR continues to be a lively forum of debate on important performances in every medium, setting, and culture.

my work, a photopress documentation of a last spectacle of Pina Bausch "Nefes", Wroclaw, Poland will be a part of "Dancing Pina Bausch" article by Daniel Larlham in forthcoming Spring Issue of TDR 205 (to be published January/February 2010).

will keep you updated on this one.

visit TDR webpage: [CLICK HERE]

soap & skin @ DEAF festival, dublin [221009]

artist: soap & skin
venue: button factory, dublin, ireland
date: 22/10/09
photo by: karol liver
a little piece of sound and noise and vioce waves i lately felt compeletly in love with...
soap&skin (anja plaschg) is another gem found in a vast and forgotten lands of myspace kingdom..
i've had a chance to see her live in dublin last nite.. amazing gig..
soap&skin @ myspace: [HERE]
here's few more pictures: [www.karol-liver.com/soap&skin]

STARGAZE* arts festival

Please be invited to a lovely one-day Festival of Art, an event NOT TO BE MISSED!

I've had a pleasure to participate in this lovely project as a Marketing Director, after few months of hard work STARGAZE* is finally going to be aired this weekend! can't wait!

On Sunday 27th September, 2009 from 10am to 10pm, D-light Studios will host Stargaze*: a day of art, performance, music, food, creative workshops and relaxation treatments. As the summer festivals draw to a close, D-light Studios will present a chilled day where you can wrap yourself in a Buddha bag, eat some tasty freshly baked bread, listen to some live jazz or some chilled tunes from some of Dublin's best DJs and music makers, get a massage, peruse the crafts fair, witness some avant-garde theatrical performance, take part in a burlesque masterclass and take in some exciting, dynamic, challenging and interactive art.
Contemporary artist Áine Macken, will curate a collection of Ireland's most established artistic talents showcasing sculpture, photography, painting, installation, performance, graffiti and video. Much of the work will deal with a take on the idea of Stargaze* as a day for spiritual revival and awakening, and how one can choose to investigate the problems, curiosities and contradictions that may arise from defining the ideas of creativity and spirituality in the context of a contemporary suburban Dublin.
Some of the artists involved include; Catherine Harty, Alan Clarke, Maser, Killian Redmond, Jason Dunne, Aoife Giles, Aoife De Búrca, Cecillia Bullo, Emer Roberts, Gerry Lee, Geraldine Lane, Gaetan Billault, Emily Aoibheann, Lucy McKenna, GIB, Duffy Mooney Shepard, Emma Dwan O'Reilly, Cliona O'Flaherty, Chris Judge, Fionn Kidney, Adrian Gallagher, Morgan Art, Bennie Reilly, Feargal O'Malley, Paul Kelly, Maciek Peska, Peter Neill, Ian O'Neill, Sharon Murphy, Claudia Marion, Wojtek Wojcik, Daria Pietryka, and Fiona Walsh, Agata Stoinska, Lorna Fitzsimons, and Caroline Lynch.
Live music and DJ’s will set a relaxed, mellow atmosphere including jazz and acoustic sets from some of the city’s finest bands and music makers. Street performers will entertain throughout the day. Including Supersuperdisco, Ciarán Rua and Alice Kain, The Alistair Elliman Trio, Luke Brother, Stace Gill, Phonic Athletic, Orphan Code, and Neosupervital
The evening will culminate in a series of performances from salsa dancing and burlesque to exotic.
Theatre group Come as Soon as you Hear will present a theatrical piece; Meet You There - "On a stool by the bar sits a girl with a scar and a broken heart. Sit with her awhile and hold her hand and see if you can help. Follow the trail, put the pieces together. A game, a treasure hunt of sorts. But it's a secret."
A secluded screening room will also showcase up and coming works by full-length and short film makers, while also featuring music videos and visual music projections.
Meanwhile, the craft area will be a source of interactive experiences such as salsa dancing, live art, origami, knitting circles, creative writing and graffiti demonstrations.
Complimentary snacks and refreshments will also be provided on the day. There is a fee of €10 at the door.
Become a Fan of Stargaze* on Facebook!
Visit event tab on D-Light Studios webpage:
STARGAZE* programme:


here's a little old piece i've found scanned on my hard drive... zenit e / industar 50 (scanned and edited)

nin [live in poznan, poland] _ i'm afraid of americans


1 Home
2 Terrible Lie
3 Discipline
4 March of the Pigs
5 Metal
6 The Becoming
7 Reptile
8 I'm Afraid of Americans
9 Burn
10 Gave Up
11 La Mer
12 The Fragile
13 Banged and Blown Through
14 Non-Entity
15 Gone, Still
16 Wish
17 The Way Out is Through
18 Mr Self Destruct
19 Survivalism
20 The Hand That Feeds
21 Head Like a Hole
22 Echoplex
23 The Good Soldier
24 The Day The World Went Away
25 Hurt

video by okarolo666

zest riddle trailer_ver.2

another really nice zest riddle trailer made by Nefertina1986.

good job Girl! :)))

the last "breath" from Pina Bausch

the last spectacle of "nefes" (turkish for "breath") directed by Pina Bausch.. the legendary dancer, choreograph and director died on 30th of june 2009. this piece of dance theatre was the last shown to the public before she passed away.
more pictures from "nefes"to be found here:
or here:

ze?t riddle: articles


"zanurz sie w OZ" - artykul i wywiad, wiadomosci24.pl [2009]:


"kod riddle games" - artykul w "dozie kultury", o2 [2006]:

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