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... regarding puppy love calendar ]

What made you want to take part in the calendar?
I was invited to take a part in the project by a friend of mine, Irish model and businesswoman Melissa Hayward, with whom I have collaborated many times before. It was such a noble cause I didn't hesitate a second when I was asked to participate and organise a photoshoot especially for this occasion.

What do you think of the controversy that has emerged over the recent photos - in specific the 'breastfeeding' picture?
The "controversy" is a word - it is usually used to describe a certain attitude in relation to an issue or subject being exposed to a public view and everybody has an attitude of her/his own. It is also a matter of feelings and perception. It is totally up to an audience and their feelings to see either the artistic or controversial side of an image. It simply gives the spectator a chance to decide which way to follow using perception. I myself absolutely see no signs of "controversy" being "engraved" onto the surface of picture, from my point of view it is a pure artistic expression, a form to underline, in easiest words, that animals should be treated equal to people, should be taken care of if needed and their right as a living-beings should always be respected.

madness is in the air...

madness is in the air! our 2011 puppy love final page is now revealed in its all glory.. the calendar, featuring 12 beautiful models photographed by 12 brilliant photographers, is now available online from puppy love official page and in selected venues around dublin...

calendars are limited edition so don't delay, have your one(s) ordered today! a whole year of pretty ladies for a tenner -> now that is what we call a real deal! :)

model: agata dembiecka
make-up/hair/styled: jane akkerman
photography/concept: karol liver
assisted by: ania karwowska
venue: d-light studios dublin

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