nin [live in poznan, poland] _ i'm afraid of americans


1 Home
2 Terrible Lie
3 Discipline
4 March of the Pigs
5 Metal
6 The Becoming
7 Reptile
8 I'm Afraid of Americans
9 Burn
10 Gave Up
11 La Mer
12 The Fragile
13 Banged and Blown Through
14 Non-Entity
15 Gone, Still
16 Wish
17 The Way Out is Through
18 Mr Self Destruct
19 Survivalism
20 The Hand That Feeds
21 Head Like a Hole
22 Echoplex
23 The Good Soldier
24 The Day The World Went Away
25 Hurt

video by okarolo666

zest riddle trailer_ver.2

another really nice zest riddle trailer made by Nefertina1986.

good job Girl! :)))

the last "breath" from Pina Bausch

the last spectacle of "nefes" (turkish for "breath") directed by Pina Bausch.. the legendary dancer, choreograph and director died on 30th of june 2009. this piece of dance theatre was the last shown to the public before she passed away.
more pictures from "nefes"to be found here:
or here:

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