sZAFa #39

some works of mine along with a photographer's profile have just been featured in quarterly art and literature magazine "sZAFa". can be viewed here or, if you're not into polish and wanna skip straight to images - here.

prism magazine | let the light in

We are proud to announce that prism Photography Magazine – newly born international magazine entirely dedicated to contemporary fine art photography – will hit the digital shelves on the 1st of July 2011 in tandem with PhotoIreland 2011 Festival.

The idea behind prism is to bring the true meaning of photographic medium back to its prestigious place and to create a platform where art can truly be seen, contemplated and discussed.

prism acts just like its optical prototype, letting all kinds of photographic genres to permeate its surface, get refracted, enter a new medium at a different angle and amuse the viewer with the palette of its constituent spectral colours.
cover image by l.gliszczynski

prism photography magazine

prism - Ireland's new digital magazine dedicated to contemporary and fine art photography has just announced its first issue to be launched july 2011.

prism will feature works from both established and emerging photographers, explore unique styles and target wide international audience of all photography devotees.

Submission call is soon to be announced.

let the light in...

prism website | prism on facebook

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