zest riddle @ TEDx Wroclaw

It's finally there, the TEDx Wroclaw speech about zest riddle I gave in March 2013 is finally up and available online for all to view. Yes, it was quite a challenge to open the whole conference with my speech (well, the proper title for this talk should go something like this: Karol Liver on how to develop Darth Vader voice to survive a TEDx talk at 8am after 3 hours of sleep), but also an extremely rewarding experience for at least few great reasons: to confront yourself with a stage fright and talk in front of enormous audience of 300 in a large cinema room with a gigantic cinema screen to project your little slides on, to stay cool being blissfully aware of the whole thing being recorded and live-streamed and finally, to attract people to my experience of designing and maintaining zest through all those years. But the challenge was accepted!

For all those who liked it and who would like to give the hardest candy on the Internet a try, an online adventure composed of one hundred and one psychedelic riddles is still out there, reject only your ignorance and you may survive... 

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