ze?t riddle is.. 5 years old

ze?t online riddle (zest riddle) is an online project created and designed by karol liver (huh! that is me..), launched exactly five years ago on 21st of December 2004..

since then many followed the path of insanity and tried to cheat misterious OZ and its riddles.. zest, with over 1.5 millions unique hits and strong internet community involved (large international forum and groups on facebook, orkut, last.fm and more) is now considered to be one of the hardest (if not the hardest one) online puzzles available on the internet.. the task is simple by definition - your object is to advance to the next riddle by finding clues in the bizarre and abstract images and hints. sounds easy? give it a try!

ze?t riddle is themed to surrealist, gothic imagery, bizzare sound effects and many influances from pop-culture refrences,  such as 'alice in wonderland", "the wizard of Oz" and many more..

ze?t is a complete, finished project that took over three years of my life away...

it may be an oldie now, but it's still there, strong and ready to consume another victims of their curiosity...

play ze?t online riddle: [HERE}

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karol liver | a photographer said...

a lotta more time to spend on it I'd say.. thanks :)

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