dancing pina bausc

Few of my photographies have just been published in New York based journal 'The Drama Review' in a complex article by Daniel Larlham - "Dancing Pina Bausch".. since i just can't wait to get my hand on the printed version - here's some little preview from editorial templates.

TDR focuses on performances in their social, economic, and political contexts. With an emphasis on experimental, avant-garde, intercultural, and interdisciplinary performance, TDR covers dance, theatre, performance art, visual art, popular entertainment, media, sports, rituals, and performance in politics and everyday life. Long known as the basic resource for keeping up with performance studies in all aspects, TDR continues to be a lively forum of debate on important performances in every medium, setting, and culture.

MIT Press Journals / TDR webpage: [ HERE ]

few other images featured:

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