HOMELESS GALLERY | DUBLIN is still recruiting!

Comrades-in-arms! Fellow Photographers!  
HOMELESS GALLERY is still recruiting!
We need YOU!

The rules are simple. Are you a photographer or photography-related artist that wants to exhibit his/her works without drying the pocket out? Then come to D-Light Studios and be a part of Homeless Gallery.

  • anybody can exhibit their works
  • no restriction as of what kind of works to exhibit
  • no censorship, no guardianship, no selection, nothing, nada, zero!
  • you decide what you want to put on walls
  • no restriction as of how many pieces can one exhibit
  • the only restriction is an artspace and artists' imagination. surprise us!
  • artists are the ones responsible for hanging the works on walls and ceilings and stairs and .. wherever they want to place it!
  • it's all about photography, integration and fun!

see you there! if you're interested in taking part in HG please let me know via mail at: karol@d-lightstudios.com .

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