prism #08

The new issue of prism Photography Magazine is now available online featuring fourteen carefully selected profiles of both established names and emerging talents from the international photographic scene + some amazing exclusive material!

#08 Featured photographers:

  • Hana Knizova (IO),
  • Sam Laughlin (MNEM),
  • Philipp Spalek (Forgotten Tears),
  • Ines Xavier Valente (Line Zero),
  • Yannik Willing (Before Tomorrow),
  • Lena Dobrowolska (Plateau),
  • Jennifer Loeber (Cruel Story of Youth),
  • Bram van Oosten (Nevel 201),
  • Timothy Nordhoff (Hunting and Shooting),
  • Natalie Krick (Natural Deceptions),
  • Paul Graham (A Shimmer of Possibility)

+AM Projects part 2:

  • Ester Vonplon,
  • Aaron McElroy,
  • Olivier Pin-Fat

+ 'a shimmer of possibility' by Paul Graham exhibition review
+ 'Everyday Selves' exhibition review


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